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... Harsh Guard Car Wash Doors
Fast acting vinyl doors for extreme conditions.
Perfect for Car Washes!
Roll Up Doors Operation Control Options:
Nema 4
Wall Mounted
Nema 1
(Interior Use)
Hard Wired
Nema 4
Use Hard
Nema 4
(Exterior Use)
Locking Hard
Wired Control
3-year limited warranty on materials and workmanship. Warranty excludes electric motor and spring-assist
roll-up mechanism; warranty on these items is 1 year. The factory reserves the right to repair or replace
warranty items at its discretion.
FLORIDA WATER BLAST, INC.  Clearwater Florida Ph. 1-727-789-5786
Choose from 7 different colors
*  Wind load tested on 10’ x 12’ solid vinyl Roll-Up Door Per ANSI/DASMA 108-2002
• Wind load rated door
• A drive-through won't damage the door
• No rust due to stainless steel, PVC & Aluminum Components
• More throughput due to speed of door
• Save on heat loss during cold months
• Minimize in bay noise
• Control Traffic Flow
• Withstands caustic and corrosive chemicals
• Withstands moisture build-up
• Slanted roof allows water to run off
Benefits of HarshGuard Car Wash Doors:


Harshguard Car Wash Door

Polycarbonate Doors

No air compressor or air cylinder maintenance

Maintenance required for air compressor and air cylinders

Fast operation - no air compressor required

Slow speed operation, air compressor required

No winter - Freeze ups.

Condensation from pressurized air can cause cylinders to freeze

Door will not interfere with inner bay head-room clearance

Sectional door reduces headroom of interior of bay

Door will take a non-destructive hit if accidentally run into by vehicle. - Resets in minutes. (No loss of revenue)

Door will be destroyed if run into by a vehicle - days or weeks to replace            (Loss of carwash revenue)

Our Door vs. Polycarbonate Door:

Harshguard Car Wash Door

Vinyl Competitor Doors

Custom projection / stand off mount available so Harshguard door doesn't interfere with tracks of existing security doors

Projection or stand off mount not available

All Harshguard doors are wind load rated

Doors are not designed for Wind load

Slanted roller tube assembly for water run-off


Dynamic EPDM rubber wiper clears water from face of door


Fast 10 Day custom Manufacturing of your door

4 weeks +

Our Door vs. Vinyl Door:
HarshGuard Door Breakaway Feature: (See Moving Picture FramesBelow)
• Prevents damage to door or guide track
• Easy to reset back into the track
HarshGuard "Live Edge" Safety Feature:
(See Moving Picture Frames Below)
• Safely reverses door if an object is detected in its path
• Attached right to the door, not on the side where it can be damaged or broken
• New stainless steel aircraft cable progressive tensioning system
• Enhanced to resist contamination and ice build up
• Reinforced cross section
• Heavy-duty stainless steel garage door rollers provide smooth
   operation and are trapped in an extruded cavity extending wind
   load rating
EPDM Seals
• EPDM Seals on both sides ensure a tight seal at vertical edges
• Reduces ice build up
HarshGuard Mounting Options:
• All components are water/dust tight
• Speed 18" per second
• Non-corroding and non-oxidating finish
• Photo optic safety edge
• Integrated open/close set up control
• Auxiliary open/close logic points
• Manual Override built in
• Integrated drive electronics - requires no separate
• Wall mounted control panel
• Motor mounts directly to drive shaft - no wall mount required
• Built-in auto-close timer
• 1000 cycles per day
• 110 volt operation
• Built-in limit switches control up/down position
HarshGuard Door Motor Features:
All our doors are custom manufactured to your exact specifications here in the USA.
You choose the size, color, mounting style, door type and motor control options.

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