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... Undercarriage Cleaner
These vehicle undercarriage washing systems take the bending out of cleaning the 
bottom of all types of vehicles and heavy equipment. Easy maneuverability & portability 
make them a great tool for the shop or home.
The Under Carriage Cleaner
Fleet Vehicles  
•  No more crawling under a vehicle
•  Simply connect to your hot or cold
    water pressure washer
 Removes road grime, fuel & oil
 Knocks off sand & grease build-up.  
 Keeps parts clean from dirt, prolonging
   service life.  
 Provides a clean working environment
   for technicians.  
 Reduces diagnostic times by aiding in
   identifying grease, oil & fuel leaks.
 Requires only 5 1/2” of clearance
 Removes snow, sludge, ice & salt.
FLORIDA WATER BLAST, INC.  Clearwater Florida Ph. 1-727-789-5786

Government & Military Vehicles  
Biological & chemical de-contamination.
Prepare fleets for readiness inspection.
5 reasons you can’t afford to be without the Under Carriage Cleaner
1. Simply connects to your hot or cold water pressure washer & utilizes its          
   detergent handling capabilities.      
2. Unique rotating jets provide 2 square feet of coverage area.
3. Stainless steel Swivels & carbon steel ball valve.      
4. Can handle both extreme cold & hot water.     
5. Easy to handle & maneuver.
Work, Shop or Home  
Increase re-sale value of used vehicles.  
Hunters & Off-road enthusiasts
Remove salt & debris from water vessels

Florida Water Blast bottom feeder, pressure washer, ladder tree stand,

all american pressure washers, boxes undercarriage cleaner, no limit industries,

florida water

These units are built to withstand pres-
sures of up to 4000 psi and 250 degrees
This unit eliminates the need to crawl
underneath a vehicle (with only 5 ½”
required clearance to clean.You simply
replace your wand with a quick coupler
to insert into the product, pull the clevis
pin to set the handle height,set the sys-
tem in place, open the ball valve and let
the system clean for you. To clean other
areas, just simply move as necessary to clean
any other portion of the under-side that
you wish.
of temperature (steam or heated water).Our product cuts, cleans, and rinses at the same
time. This incredible tool does a remarkable cleaning job once the chemicals and heat are
flowing through them, although a cold water cleaning is still quite impressive. All rotating
assemblies are stainless-steel sealed and self lubricating, which eliminates the need for
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